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Emma Davis

About Emma

"I started archery as a complete beginner here at Warwick during my undergrad and have been shooting for 8 years.

I’m a final year PhD student now, so I’ve been at Warwick for a while! Archery requires a lot more strength and endurance than it might first appear – we often shooting 150+ arrows in a day and every time we pull the string back it’s the equivalent of loading 30-50lbs (or 14-23kg) through the wrist and shoulder – so the strength and conditioning support at Warwick Sport has been vital. Outdoors we’re aiming to hit an area the size of a CD from 70m away.

I also enjoy climbing (it’s great cross-training for grip and shoulder strength) and anything that gets me outdoors."

Sporting highlights

  • International*: Ladies team silver, overall team gold, individual 5th, representing Northern Ireland – Commonwealth European Championships, UK (
  • International+: Ladies team silver, individual 9th place, representing GB - Veronica’s Cup World Ranking Event, Slovenia
  • Ladies team silver medal, representing GB – Veronica’s Cup World Ranking Event, Slovenia
  • BUCS Outdoor Championships individual and team silver (improving on individual bronze in 2018)
  • BUCS Outdoor Head to Head individual silver (improving on 4th place 2018)
  • BUCS Indoor Championships team silver, individual qualification 8th and rank 9th (following injury)
  • UK Masters ladies team

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