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Cromarty family

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They joined when the Sports and Wellness Hub first opened and have been really motivated to come regularly and make the most of their membership.

As parents, Debbie and Michael, have joined to increase their fitness levels and take part in more structured exercise as they get older. Molly loves to take part in the climbing as well as keeping fit for his sport at school.

The Cromarty family's story

Debbie: So I started my fitness journey a couple of months ago, it would be June, so shortly after the Hub opened. We were looking for somewhere new to go an exercise because where we were didn’t really offer great flexibility that we needed in terms of time and going together as a family. We took a look and it was exactly what we needed.

Michael: It’s just brilliant because it’s really handy for where we live and we all started at the same time in June.

Everything’s here all under one roof, the facilities are just brilliant.

Molly: It’s good for all ages as well, so I can come and don’t have to be worried about not being able to do particular stuff, I can do everything and I know that I’m supervised.

Debbie: So my goal, as I am a little bit older than the students at Warwick Uni, is to maintain my fitness and health as I’m sort of, I’m gonna say nearing middle age even though I probably am already middle aged.

I just want to maintain my fitness levels.

We’ve got a couple of dogs so we’ve always been dog walking but I found that’s not really enough so I want to improve – I noticed that my core was getting a little bit thicker – so just to maintain fitness and health as we get older really.

Michael: In my case it’s more…get fitness and health because I used to go to the gym years ago but I really haven’t done that for a long, long time. I thought the dog walking was ok but then I went to see the doctor and they said “what exercise do you do?” and I said “dog walking”…”No, No…exercise, real exercise?”. So this is great just to come here and do proper exercise.

Molly: Well my goal, I guess, is to keep fit and stay fit because I do lots of sports in school and some out of school so I want to stay fit and healthy for those and then also I like the facilities like the climbing and it’s really good to come here and climb and get better and climbing and cos I’m doing it for my A’Level in PE it’s gonna help a lot with that.

Debbie: The best thing we’ve achieved, we set up a spreadsheet when we first joined, because we wanted to make sure we actually were using it - we paid out the money and we wanted to make sure we were using it, and we have been. So we’ve achieved coming to the gym, we’ve done everything – we’ve done gym, swim and climbed all three of us and coming as a family has been brilliant. There’s people on hand here in the gym to be able to go and aske, so the other day I was asking about what exercises can I do for my core, so just coming and using it really, I think, has been our main achievement so far.

It’s just been brilliant coming as a family and the staff are so helpful and pleasant to be around.

Michael: Yeah, with the climbing also, we all ended up doing climbing although it was Molly who really wanted to do it most of all, but that’s really good exercise.

Molly: It’s really good and with people helping it feels like, well for me, whenever I’ve gone climbing, it feels like I’ve achieved something new. So it’s really motivating me to do better and keep doing it because each time I achieve something and then find another challenge so it’s really good.


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