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He started using the gym with the main aim of losing some weight and generally feeling better about himself. Hear about how the fantastic facilities and staff at the Sports and Wellness Hub has got him well on his way to achieving his goal, in only six weeks.

Marcus' story

"I started coming here to Warwick [Sports and Wellness] Hub about six weeks ago.

My main goal that I’m looking to achieve, one is obviously weight loss, but also to increase my fitness and just a little bit of strength, basically just tone up and try and feel a little bit better about myself and my body shape.

The Sports Hub here is fantastic, the quality of equipment, the amount of equipment, the people, the staff.

You can ask for any help, advice and it’s all there readily available, it’s been absolutely fantastic.

So, as I mentioned, I’ve been here since June which is just, I think, about six weeks now. I’ve been on the weigh machine religiously every week and at the moment I’ve lost just over a stone, a stone and a half to be more precise.

But what’s also very nice for me is all my visceral fat has dramatically decreased and my muscle mass has now grown by 0.8kg which, in its own, is very motivational.

I’m well on my way to achieving my final goal."


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