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Sajid has always been into fitness from a young age. In his younger days he stayed fit to play sport and appreciates the importance of staying fit as he gets older so he can continue to stay active.

He loves the variety of facilities offered at the Sports and Wellness Hub and the fact that he can use exercise as a way to destress after a day at work.

Sajid's story

"Well my fitness journey really started from a very young age, it was about playing sport, keeping fit and enjoying sport.

But as you get older, later on in life, it’s about sustaining your level of fitness and actually making sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle and can do the things that you want to do.

So for me it’s about a way of life, rather than just coming in for a few weeks and leaving, being fit and healthy and being able to come in here and do various different exercises which the facilities offer.

My main goal is actually to continue as I’m going and progress. I had major back surgery a couple of years ago which took quite a long time to recover from and you really appreciate truly some of the things you can’t do when you’re injured and when you come back into it.

So for me it’s a case of having a real good mix between cardio strength and being able to do a variety of different exercises and perhaps playing a little bit of light sport as well. But very much it’s around kind of sustaining a level of fitness that is pretty much what you do day in, day out.

I think the Sports Hub is quite unique in terms of what it offers.

It offers first, a location – where it is you can use the outdoors as well as the indoors, so you’ve got areas where you can go running than being in an inner city area where it’s probably not as straight forward. I like to get tired and sweat a lot so I don’t really like people looking at me in that way so it’s quite good here.

Then, the equipment – you’ve got really good strength equipment and then you’ve also got really good cardio equipment and the variety of it – so you can hit things in different ways rather than being repetitive in terms of equipment that you’re restricted to use. The you’ve got fantastic classes that you can do and the variety of different exercises so it pretty much offers you an all-round environment with lots of different exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy.

One of the main reasons that I personally come in here is work.

Work can be quite intense and I find this environment, particularly exercising, quite relaxing and therapeutic.

So there are probably different aspects that help you, one is the physical and the other one is very much where you can psychologically come in and relax and get into your exercise and also where you’ve got like-minded friends where you can come in and socialise and actually have a bit of a conversation.

So in that respect I find it a really good way of getting away from work and just forgetting about things and just enjoying exercise and having a conversation with a few friends as well, so it’s really good socially as well."


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