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Bal Dhingra | Sports Officer

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My experiences of playing sport at Warwick have had a major influence on my life.

Playing sport and being Sports Officer during my time at Warwick would eventually go on to help shape my career.

After finishing university, I was lucky enough to work in sport for a few years, helping students from other universities create incredible experiences for themselves.


I've carried on working in Students' Unions and helped set up the elite programme at the University of Northampton. I am currently working at the UCL Students' Union, managing the beginning of projects at their new East London Campus, right on the doorstep of the Olympic Park.

My sporting experiences with Team Warwick also helped to make me competitive, which has enabled me to progress quickly in my career over the past few years.

For me, being part of Team Warwick was my favourite part about university.

It was the biggest and best community on campus! I was able to meet so many people through sports, including my best friends today.

Team Warwick

Team Warwick is the combined club community on campus. Keep healthy, have fun and meet new people; discover Team Warwick

Sam Davis Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Sam is a content writer and sport enthusiast with a keen interest in football, judo, and hockey.


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