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Phoebe Powrie | Netball

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I always played a lot of sports growing up and started playing netball for a local club and my county in secondary school. I played at least three times a week until age 17 when I stopped for mental health reasons.

Having taken a significant break, I was really nervous leading up to trials. I'm not a great netballer but was glad to find that the University of Warwick Women’s Netball Club (UWWNC) has a range of teams with different levels of play and commitment.

I spent my first term in league before being asked to move up to the development squad. My team train twice a week and play matches in a local Thursday evening league. We also get the chance to travel at the weekends to play other university development squads.

For me, playing netball is really helpful in the management of my anxiety. Not only for the exercise aspect, but also the social element and the reminder that it is essential to keep a healthy work life balance.

All social and charity events are open to all club members regardless of netball ability, so they are a great chance to meet people outside of your team. I have met some of my best friends at these events and without them our paths wouldn’t have crossed.

In my third year I joined the exec as Treasurer and gained a real insight into the running of the club. I am currently undertaking an MSc and have now taken of the role of Vice President. I really enjoy the opportunity to give back to the club and have learnt a lot from the different roles.

I have also been told that I was hired for a job due to my involvement in netball and working collaboratively as a team.

With 154 members, UWWNC is the largest female sports club on campus, and I feel really proud to be a part of such a great group of individuals. Even when I had a broken ankle and couldn’t play, I was made to feel wanted and a valued member of the club. Being part of the wider Warwick community has allowed me to meet so many people across various degrees and year groups that I wouldn't have otherwise and gives me a sense of belonging.

My time at Warwick would have been an entirely different experience had I not overcome my anxieties surrounding trials and joined the club. In fact, I am not sure I would have completed my BSc had I not done so. The opportunities, friendships and support that have made my time at Warwick what it is. I couldn't (and wouldn't want to) imagine it without netball.

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