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Steven Townsend | Head Squash Coach

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I am currently the Head Squash Coach at Warwick Sport and have been coaching here since 1994.

I first played for the University in 1991 and have a had strong link with Warwick ever since, either through playing or coaching. If you cut me open, you’d see Team Warwick written all the way through.

Ever since I was a child, sport has been one of the biggest parts of my life.

I love the feeling of exerting myself physically, and I love the sensation you get when you’re improving and you manage to successfully execute something you’ve been working on.

While there are many brilliant facets to working as a coach at Warwick, I think my favourite thing about the role is that I’ve made friends with a lot of the students over the years, and to be able to help them enjoy squash, improve, and have a great university life is pretty cool.

As a coach, the biggest challenge I find is that students come with a lot of competing elements for their time, none more important than their studies, but also from their social life and of course their sport.

Trying to help them balance their squash, their course and their outside life has definitely been the biggest challenge, both for them and for me.

While I don’t tend to partake in sport at Warwick anymore, my job is obviously a massive part of my life, and I feel very privileged to have such an interesting and rewarding job. If I had to describe my time coaching athletes in three words, it would be: emotional, motivating and heartwarming.

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