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3 steps to speed climbing success by GB athlete Will Bosi

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Speed climbing is a form of indoor rock climbing in which athletes compete to reach the top in the fastest time.

Every speed wall in the world is identical with competing lanes, so you can really master your very own style before competing against others. It is similar to weight lifting or running in the way that it is timed, so climbers can clearly see how much they’re improving each time.

Speed climbers will even be heading to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics Games as speed climbing is included for the very first time.

We caught up with GB Climbing Athlete Will Bosi at the opening of our new Sports & Wellness Hub to get his seal of approval on our two 15m speed walls and share some top tips for getting started in speed climbing.

Approach the speed wall slowly

The holds are identical on every speed wall so spend time learning where the good parts are in the holds.

Find a sequence style

Learn a section at a time to build your sequence and don’t rush.

Speed it up

After you have your sequence styled, you can increase the speed and slowly master your very own speed wall climbing style.


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