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6 tops tips for runners to reduce over-use injuries
Running stretching out before a run

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Here are some top tips to help runners reduce injury.

Complete dynamic warm ups

Raise your heart rate and get blood pumping to all the major muscles you're about to use. Do running drills that get each muscle group prepared for the run ahead.

Plan, plan and plan some more

Many over-use injuries in running are because people forget to plan their runs.

We don’t just mean changing the day or running a bit further or faster because you feel good. And you definitely want to avoid the big no-no of taking a few weeks off then going straight back to running the distance you ran before.

Spend a bit of time planning your routes and try to increase your distance by about 10% per week. That way you'll stand the best chance of minimising over-use injuries.

Cool Down

Simple drills at a slow pace with some standing stretches are great when you're outdoors. When you get back indoors, have a slightly longer stretch holding each stretch for 30 seconds.

Stretching isn’t just for cool downs though. Improving flexibility has many benefits but takes a little more time and dedication. Try stretching the key muscle groups 4-5 times per day.

Your core is the core of great technique

Glute workouts and core exercises are the foundation of good biomechanics which helps to minimise injuries.

Recovery is key

When you're training for a race how you recover (or not) from each run sets you up for success (or failure) on your next run.

Stretching and good hydration and nutrition before and after running are great for recovery following those long runs.

Don't let little niggles turn into big injuries

It’s really important to not ignore any warning signs and let a little niggle turn into a serious injury that may stop you from doing what you love.

If you always suffer with tight calves, a stiff back or ankle pain, physiotherapy services can help. You don’t want to be limited on how often or far you can run, so listening to and looking after your body is key.


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