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Student Experience Projects

Current Projects

We work to improve the experience of students through research and collaboration

Mapping Services & Opportunities

A 6-month Student Project to map services and opportunities available beyond students' formal teaching and learning.

International Student Experience

Enhancing the experience of international students before, during and after studies through improving digital resources and listening to student feedback.

Coventry city centre. Photo by Georgi Kyurpanov on Unsplash.

Second Year Transitions

A new project focusing on first to second year undergraduate transition to identify how the University could provide increased support to reduce incidences of students experiencing stress, isolation, hardship or other negative impacts.

Co-Creation Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to successfully introducing student Co-creation in your work. This toolkit currently describes how to work with Co-creation Officers as partners for a project. There are many forms of Co-creation and we encourage you to pursue them in whatever form is most appropriate for your project!