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Warwick Presents

Warwick Presents

Discover Warwick Presents, a Community Experience Programme designed to enhance student belonging, promote cross-cultural enrichment, and elevate your enjoyment on campus and beyond.

By 2028, we aspire for Warwick to be acknowledged as a pioneer in providing an expansive, inviting, and vibrant community experience that is diverse, appealing, and inclusive for all of our students.

Projects 2023/4

Warwick Presents Events and Programmmes

Introducing new Warwick Presents community-focussed activities, informed by our User Experience projects, with the goal of offering a growing year-round inclusive programme.

With these new activity programmes tailored for different student groups at all levels of study, our aim is to ensure that all students feel confident in their sense of belonging and community at Warwick.

Two students looking at a notebook in a fair in Central Campus

Peer-to-Peer Engagement

We will introduce new practices and platforms that are based on peer-to-peer communications amongst students, recognising the power of this approach to build a sense of community and live our inclusive values.

By 2028, we will have embedded robust systems supporting peer-to-peer approaches in student engagement and communication.

4 students walking through campus