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Student Experience Strategic Framework

Who Are Student Experience?

Student Experience is committed to fostering a strong and vibrant student community by connecting you to a wealth of extracurricular activities and support services - championing inclusivity at the heart of our design.

Collaborating across the University, we ensure an enriching university experience for students at all levels and modes of study.

Strategic Framework: 4 Themes

Four themes have been identified for delivering an excellent and inclusive student experience at Warwick:

  • That the range of wider services and opportunities should be made COHERENT from a student user perspective.
  • That the wider student experience reviews and caters to students on different study levels and modes of study, for different demographic groups and is made consistently RELEVANT.
  • That the design, presentation and communication of Warwick’s total ‘offer’ to its current students is consistently ENGAGING.
  • That the student experience should be DISTINCTIVE and contribute to the University’s reputation for excellence and innovation.
A diagram displaying the 4 themes: "COHERENT", "RELEVANT", "ENGAGING", "DISTINCTIVE".

Our 3 Programmes

Our strategic framework will guide the implementation of these three major programmes over the next five years.

Students First

A portfolio of projects focussed on the user experience of different groups of students and their diverse needs. We will work in partnership with students to innovate and design original new forms of support.
Three students sitting in front of the Oculus

Warwick Presents

A Community Experience Programme made to enrich student belonging, promote cultural diversity, and enhance the overall enjoyment of campus life and a Warwick education.
Three students sitting, grass background

What's On Your Mind?

We will introduce new methods for hearing the student voice and capturing the needs and wishes of all students to enhance the value of their experience.
6 students sitting on the steps of Faculty of Arts