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By convention the University has published details on the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor in its annual accounts each December.
However when I took up the role of Vice-Chancellor the University’s Council agreed to my request that the information on my salary and job-related expenses should in future be published as soon as any change in salary is finalised and approved by Remuneration Committee and reported to Council.
The 2017 Annual Report and Framework for University Senior Remuneration is available online.


The Vice-Chancellor’s salary is determined by the Remuneration Committee on behalf of the Council and reported to Council. At the 22 November 2017 meeting of Council it was reported that my current salary would increase by £9,213 taking it from £287,892 to £297,105. Immediately following this announcement I informed the University that I would make a donation of £10,000 to support the University’s refugee scholarship programmes and to support Warwick Arts Centre’s 20:20 redevelopment project. It is also my intention to make further donations during my time as Vice-Chancellor.

Further information that will be published on these pages

It is also my intention to publish here details of any other expenses that I will incur in this role once those expenses have been submitted and approved by an authorised signatory in accordance with the University's financial regulations. For overseas travel, the proposed purpose and duration of all trips are approved in advance by the Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council.
All the figures regarding salary provided on these pages will of course be provisional until they are published as part of the University’s Statutory Accounts each December. An example of how they are published in that document can be seen on page 36 of the most recent accounts found online. (PDF Document)