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Wellbeing Strategy

Warwick’s Wellbeing Strategy was co-produced with a number of key stakeholders from across the University to ensure its relevance to staff and students, and to reflect the breadth of factors that contribute to wellbeing. This strategy considers the interplay between people and context, and considers wellbeing in relation to the areas of; Work, Live, Learn and Support. The student and workforce strategy groups have arrived at an agreed set of priorities and objectives through an extensive process of co-design, collaboration and challenge. This has been a significant step in developing a strategy that speaks to the whole university and in determining the operational activity required to deliver it.

Dr Hannah Friend, Warwick’s Director of Wellbeing and Safeguarding, who led the consultation and the strategy’s development said:

'The work of so many staff and students over the last year has now delivered a strategy with a key focus on a ‘whole university approach’ as set out in the re-launched Universities UK Stepchange Framework for mentally healthy universities. The Warwick Wellbeing Strategy champions both student and staff wellbeing so that ‘everyone may thrive in our university'.

Our Warwick Wellbeing Strategy also embraces the principles within the Student Minds University Mental Health Charter and their vision that ‘every university becomes a place that promotes the mental health and wellbeing of all members of the university community'.