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Recording lectures


Allow an individual to record lectures.

This is recommended where a lecture is not currently 'lecture-captured' and available online within a few days of the lecture. Lecture-capture benefits many students, with or without disabilities/learning differences. Many departments are now recording the majority of their lectures but some still do not do so, or only make the recordings available some time after the event. In these circumstances we may recommend that a student is allowed to make an individual voice recording.


There are many reasons why a student is unable to fully absorb information presented in a lecture (see below in Examples). A recording enables the student to listen again, review their understanding and make/amend notes accordingly.

  • A student has a diagnosis of dyslexia and may experience difficulties in absorbing information at the pace of the lecture.
  • A student with dyspraxia or a physical impairment may find it difficult to write or type at any speed and therefore cannot make useful notes and listen carefully in a lecture.
  • A student who is hearing impaired is likely to miss some of what is being said.
  • An student who is anxious may be distracted and unable to benefit from the lecture