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Opening a UK bank account

Please scroll down for further information on how to open a UK bank account if you are an international student.

You may wish to open a UK bank account if you:

  • Do not have a contactless bank card from your home country.
  • Live off campus and need to pay bills - most utility companies expect you to set up a standing order from a UK bank account.
  • Intend to work part-time in the UK and get paid - most employers only pay into a UK bank account.

Please Note: the University does not accept cash tuition and/or accommodation payments. All payments must be made through online student records and Flywire (card payment or bank transfer). Also, all of the cafes and shops operated by Warwick Retail are cashless. Therefore, before you open a UK bank account, you need to have a debit/credit/prepaid cash card from your home country. We would recommend getting a contactless card, so you could pay for transportation, such as bus, London underground, etc. This external linkLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window containing a blog, which may help you decide whether you need a UK bank account.

The University cannot recommend which account you should open. Instead, we have collated the information below to help you make the choice of the best account for your needs.

Tips from a current student

Don't know where to start? Read the experience and top tips from a current international student.

"Right off at the start, I found surprising how almost any establishment on campus do not accept banknotes. I knew I had to set up a bank account immediately as the international bank account I had had an unbelievably high exchange rate. Therefore, my advice is to apply for an online bank account right at the start."

Read more about their experience.Link opens in a new window

1. Before you arrive in the UK
Do you need a UK bank account? Things to do before leaving home
2. Keeping your money safe
Avoid carrying or storing large amounts of cash in your first weeks
3. Digital/ international banking solutions
Alternatives to cash for your first weeks in the UK
4. Choosing your bank account
Useful factors to consider
5. UK banks in the local area
Local banks and their account opening processes
6. Documents needed
Typical documents for a UK bank account

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