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Kate Bamford

About Me

I graduated from the University of Warwick in 2015 with a First class degree in Microbiology and Virology. I am particually interested in politics and Government policy, especally in the agricultural sector. I went to study the Graduate Dipomla in Law in Birmingham with this in mind, gaining a distinction. While completing this I was offered the exciting oppotunity to study a PhD, and so returned to Warwick in October 2016.

I joined the MIBTP (Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership) as an iCASE student, funded by BBSRC and AHDB Beef and Lamb. After 9 months of training, including courses in R programming, statistics, and bioinformatics, I started my project at Warwick.

Research Project

I am supervised by Professor Laura Green and Dr. Kevin Purdy, and my project is entited:

Persistence and transmission of intramammary pathogens causing acute mastitis: the role of chronic intramammary abscesses

Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary gland typically caused by bacterial infection. It is an endemic disease in the UK, affecting up to 7% of ewes each year. Ewe health is affected by pain, loss of udder function, premature culling and sudden death, while lamb growth rates are affected by the reduction in milk yield. Mastitis has farm sustainability as well as welfare and health implications, with costs to the UK sheep industry estimated in excess of £120 million/annum.

For more information about my project, visit my project page.


March 2019 - SfAM ECS symposium (runner up oral presentation)

November 2018 - AHDB annual research conference (poster)

October 2018 - MedVet Pathogens (poster and speed presentation)

May 2018 - iSAGE Summer School Delegate and Grant winner

March 2018 - SVEPM (poster)

November 2017 - AHDB annual research conference (poster)

April 2017 - MIBTP Poster session (poster);

November 2016 - AHDB annual research conference (presentation)



June 2019 - 3 Minute Thesis presentation training

April 2019 - Science Communication

January 2019 - Nvivo working with data

December 2018 - APP PGR: Associate fellowship in higher education teaching

December 2018 - Generalised linear models in R

January 2018 - Longitudinal data analysis

June 2017 - Teamwork in a research environment

October 2016 - Data Analysis in Life Sciences

October 2016 - Advanced biostatistics

October 2016 - Programming in R

Outreach and Teaching

June 2017/8/9 - OCR GCSE Biology Examiner

June 2019 - Evidence Week in Parliament: Meeting with Matt Western MP & SfAM

March 2019 - "My career in the life sciences" talk to secondary school pupils

Academic year 2018/19 - MIBTP advanced biostatistics, 3rd year clinical microbiology, 1st year intro labs, 1st year microbiology, Science 101 session lead, 1st year biostatistics, QuBiC mentor, 2nd year epidemiology, 1st year physiology. (Teaching and marking)

Academic year 2017/18 - MIBTP advanced biostatistics, 3rd year clinical microbiology, Science 101 session lead (Teaching and marking)

September 2017 - New Scientist Live stand coordinator

Other activities and achievements

June 2019 - Three minute thesis finalist

May - August 2019 - UKRI Policy Internship at Defra, London

May 2018 - iSAGE Summer School Delegate and Grant winner

August - November 2018 - Redrafting the SHAWG (Sheep Health and Welfare Group) report

Kate Bamford

Kate Bamford

k dot e dot bamford at warwick dot ac dot uk

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University of Warwick

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