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Bing Lu (Alice)


I am currently a full-time doctoral researcher in the Centre for Education Studies at University of Warwick. My research project, looking at how returned academics conduct doctoral supervision in their home countries, is supervised by Dr Emily Henderson and jointly by Dr Justine Mercer.

Prior to my doctoral study, I had worked as a lecturer in higher education in China, having taught several subjects relevant to applied and theoretical linguistics to undergraduates. Years of working experience have given me insight on how to arrange and conduct teaching activities to Chinese adult students from diverse backgrounds, as well as how to work with them effectively in class and beyond. On top of that, the teacher's role gained me an insider's perspective to understand the research and teaching culture of Chinese higher education.
Research Interest

I have a wide range of research interest in issues around higher education and global development. In particular, I have developed a passion for the transnational flows of highly-skilled intellectuals and the global picture of doctoral supervision. In terms of research approach, I have been tremendously inspired by narrative inquiries, methods and pedagogical theories. As an early-career researcher, despite my limited understanding, I have been constantly assisted by these theoretical notions to read the world in revolutionary ways and to look at people's global movements through a critical lens.

I am interested in analysing personal accounts and narratives collected from different discourses with a particular focus on psychoanalysis. Daunting as psychology sounds, I am always amazed by how powerful major concepts such as subjectivity, agency and self-efficacy can be when it comes to the discussion on how human being negotiate with our own being, the basic existence in this world. I start from the assumption that personal narrative is a basic human strategy for us coming to terms with our experience, such as time, process and change.


I have built up considerable expertise in conducting narrative interviews (face to face or online forms) with well-educated intellectuals using either English or Chinese language. So far I have conducted in-depth interviews with more than ten academics working in higher education across different national backgrounds (China, UK, India, South Africa, Greece, Indonesia, Syria, and Nepal). Throughout the way I have picked up specific skills of arranging and implementing interviews with intellectuals and have developed my own understanding of how to with an 'elite cohort' more effectively.


Book Reviews:

Lu, B. (2020). Book Reviews ‘Asia inside out: itinerant people’. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.

 Blog posts:

Lu, B. (2020). ‘ Supervising and assessing ‘the new generation of researchers’: the power of posing questions and sharing perspectives’. Blog essay for SRHE.

Academic Association Membership

2019- International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN)

2019- Society of Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

2018- Chinese Educational Research Association (CERA)

2018- Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities (NRCEM)

Twitter banner: @BingluAlice

Bing Lu (Alice)