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Bing Lu (Alice)


Bing is an Assistant Professor (teaching-focused) in the Faculty of Arts and Associate Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at University of Warwick. Bing is currently serving as the Director of Student Experience and Progression in the Faculty of Arts since. Bing is spearheading the Best-Practice Toolkit Co-creation Project as part of the inclusive education scheme in the Faculty of Arts and has recently produced the report for 2023 Inclusive Education Best-practice Toolkit 2023 (

Bing has been recently awarded the SRHE Newer Researcher Award 2023 as one of the three prize winners in the UK and is leading a project on 'Migrant supervisors learn to supervise in UK institutions - an inclusive perspective' as PI. This project is mentored by Professor Gina Wisker in School of Management at Bath University.

Work Interest

Bing is generally interested in pedagogical development/innovation, inclusive education, supervision, co-creation and interdisciplinarity. Bing has supervised 15+ student projects to complete on various programmes and developed a profound interest in mentorship, co-creation and inclusion.

Bing's doctoral project, supervised by Dr Emily Henderson and Dr Emma Williams in DES, investigated how returned academics with foreign doctorates conduct doctoral supervision in their home countries. Bing's research focuses on social discourse with an orientation of psychoanalysis in understanding academics with transnational history. Inspired by Judith Butler's theory of affective subjectivity, Bing adopts poststructuralist and mobilities scholarship as theoretical resources and uses narrative enquiry as approach to understand the emergence, formation and negotiation of individuals' social identities. Bing sees personal accounts as a basic human strategy for coming to terms with life experiences.


Bing has conducted 40+ biographical interviews with mobile academics, mostly doctoral supervisors, working in diverse disciplinary and national backgrounds (China, UK, India, South Africa, Greece, Indonesia, Syria, and Nepal). Bing has developed tactic to not only work with this cohort but also makes an impact on conversations. Bing upholds the value of original thoughts and knowledge contribution in doctoral research.


Journal Articles: 

Lu, B., Sinclair, B, and Affejee, Y., 2023. Designing and evaluating the Supervision workshop series – embracing overlapping and contradictory views. Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice, 3, pp.

Song, H and Lu. B., 2023. From Learning to Teaching: Incorporating Cultural Familiarity to Enhance GTA Support for International Students' Learning. Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice, 3, pp.

Lu, B. and Henderson, E., 2023. Recording and researching doctoral supervision meetings: reconceptualising authenticity in supervision research. Submitted to Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education (in review).  

Sinclair, B. and Lu, B., 2022. Setting up the Superb-Vision Network: Establishing a dispersed learning community’. Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice, 2, pp.110-117.

Book Chapters:

Lu. B. (2022). 'Challenging policy barriers to doctoral supervision: qualifying as a supervisor and recruiting students in Chinese research universities' (chapter 4). In Österlind & Denicolo (Eds.), Doctoral Education as if People Matter - Critical Issues for the Future. Brill.

Book Reviews:

Lu. B. (2023). Book Reviews ‘Navigating Your International Doctoral Experience (and Beyond)’. Educational Review.

Lu. B. (2021). Book Reviews 'The role of doctorate in knowledge production: an institutional perspective'. Higher Education.

Lu. B. (2021). Book Reviews 'Transnational migration and the new subjects of work'. Work, Employment and Society: Sage Journals.

Lu, B. (2020). Book Reviews 'Asia inside out: itinerant people'. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.

Blog posts:

Lu, B. (2023). ‘Purposeful travel and unplanned routines in transnational academic conference’. Blog essay for Conference Inference.

Lu, B. (2021). 'Missing objects and silenced voices: Power relations in online conferences (Bing Lu)'. Blog essay for Conference Inference.

Lu, B. (2020). ‘Learning from our supervision meetings: how experience should be valued’. Blog essay for Supervising PhDs.

Lu, B. (2020). ‘Supervising and assessing the new generation of researchers: the power of posing questions and sharing perspectives’. Blog essay for SRHE.

Selected Academic Presentations

July, 2023 CeMoRe 20th Anniversary Colloquium, The Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University (awarded ECR speaker funded by Lancaster University) 

June, 2023 The Future of Higher Education: Competition, Collaboration and the Global Good, International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM) Conference, University of Bath, UK – ‘The unquestioned supervision approach: learning from transnational pedagogies’

June, 2023 UK and Ireland Engineering Education Research Network Annual Symposium, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick – ‘STEM supervision pedagogies in Higher Education: a disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective’

Dec, 2022 SRHE International Conference 2022, 'Mobilities in Higher Education' (online), UK. ‘There and back again: Transnational mobilities of returnee doctoral supervisors with overseas doctorates’  

Nov, 2022 Symposium on Gendered Academic Mobilities, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (invited speaker funded by Swiss National Foundation). ‘Women doctoral supervisors in Chinese research universities: the nexus of academic mobility, career stage and gender’ 

Mar, 2022 8th Postgraduate Supervision Conference, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. ‘Recording and researching doctoral supervision: accessing an ‘impossible space’

Feb, 2022 Early Career Researchers Network in Asian (CHERA) co-hosted with the Social Contexts and Policies of Education (SCAPE) research seminar series, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, China (invited presentation). ‘An interpretive Analysis: democratic reading of policy documents of Chinese doctoral education’

Academic service and Teaching

Feb. 2024- Review Panel on Undergraduate Research Support Scheme, Dean of Students' Office

Sep.2023- Active Bystander Tutor, CVEP, Dean of Students' Office

Nov. 2022- Review Panel on Warwick Institutional Teaching and Learning Review (ITLR) 2023

April. 2021- Associate Tutor in DES, University of Warwick

Nov.2021-Founder of the 'Superb-version networkLink opens in a new window' sponsored by Warwick Doctoral College

Nov. 2021 Guest Lecturer on MA module Understanding Global Education and International Development, DES

Oct. 2021 Guest Lecturer on PhD module Advanced Research Methods, DES

Oct.2019-Oct.2020 Student representative in DES on the PGR SSLC

Widening Participation and Outreach

May. 2022-Sep.2023 Social Mobility Research Student Research Hub mentor, led by WP Evaluation & Evidence manager Dr Tammy Thiele

Dec. 2022-2023 Research assistant for Australia Council of Educational Research (London office) on Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2025 project, working in three schools (Leicester/London/Basildon)

Jun. 2022- Teaching Assistant at Sherbourne Fields Special School, Coventry

Aug. 2021- Teaching Assistant at Sutton Trust Summer School (STSS), online

Academic Association Membership

2019- International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN)

2019- Society of Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

Twitter banner: @BingluAliceLink opens in a new window

Bing Lu (Alice)