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Bing Lu (Alice)


I am currently a doctoral researcher (FT) in Education Studies at University of Warwick. My ongoing doctoral research project, investigating how returned academics conduct doctoral supervision in their home countries, is supervised by Dr Emily Henderson and jointly by Dr Emma Williams.

Prior to my doctoral study, I had worked as a lecturer in China and used to teach several linguistic course modules to undergraduates. The work gained me insight into the act of teaching in higher education, including how to understand adult students from diverse backgrounds and how to work with them productively in class and beyond.
Research Interest

I have a range of research interest in issues around higher education in a globalised age. I show particular passion in exploring the transnational flows of highly-skilled intellectuals and rethinking the global picture of doctoral supervision from the perspective of moving bodies and minds. Methodologically, I am drawn to narrative inquiries, qualitative methods and 'thinking with' philosophy. The theoretical notions incessantly fashion my interpretation of social phenomena in numerous ways. I see people's global moves through a critical lens and interpret those moves by referring to mobile subjects' national contexts, historical times and individuals' life course.

When analysing interview accounts, I focus on social discourse combined with an understanding of psyche. Psychoanalysis unfolds rich conceptual resources to understand human beings negotiate with our 'being' and 'becoming'. I start from the assumption that personal narrative is a basic human strategy for us coming to terms with our experience, such as time, process and change.


I have built up expertise in conducting narrative interviews (face to face or online forms) with well-educated intellectuals and celebrities in English or Chinese language. So far I have conducted 30+ in-depth interviews with academics, mostly doctoral supervisors, working in higher education across different national and disciplinary backgrounds (China, UK, India, South Africa, Greece, Indonesia, Syria, and Nepal). Along the way I have picked up specific skills of arranging and implementing interviews to elicit educational biographic stories. More importantly, I have developed tactic to not only work with this 'elite cohort' but also make an impact on conversations. I insist on original thoughts and knowledge contribution in doctoral education.


Book Chapters:

Lu. B. (in press). 'Challenging policy barriers to doctoral supervision: qualifying as a supervisor and recruiting students in Chinese research universities' (chapter 6). In Österlind & Denicolo (Eds.), Critical issues in transforming working conditions for doctoral students and their supporters. Brill.

Book Reviews:

Lu. B. (forthcoming). Book Reviews 'Transnational migration and the new subjects of work'. Work, Employment and Society: Sage Journals.

Lu, B. (2020). Book Reviews ‘Asia inside out: itinerant people’. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.

Blog posts:

Lu, B. (2021). 'Missing objects and silenced voices: power relations in online conferences'. Blog essay for Conference Inference. Missing objects and silenced voices: Power relations in online conferences (Bing Lu) – Conference Inference (

Lu, B. (2020). ‘Learning from our supervision meetings: how experience should be valued’. Blog essay for Supervising PhDs.

Lu, B. (2020). ‘ Supervising and assessing ‘the new generation of researchers’: the power of posing questions and sharing perspectives’. Blog essay for SRHE.

Academic Presentations

Aug, 2021

15th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA), Barcelona, Spain

‘Mapping the contours of doctoral subjectivity and mobility in changing times’ (paper accepted)

 July, 2021

 International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN) Virtual Symposium

'Shifting meanings of supervision: Rethinking supervisory subjectivity in the stories of international doctorate holders'

Jun. 2021

7th International Academic Identities 2021 Virtual Conference (AIC), Roskilde Universitet, Copenhagen, Denmark

'The meaningful university: Exploring contemporary complexities and challenges and working towards what matters'

Jun, 2021

 Language, Culture, Matters Seminar Series, Centre of Applied linguistics (CAL), University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

'From supervisee to supervisor: the academic trajectory of returnee supervisors' (Invited seminar speaker)

Nov. 2020

Borders, Categories and Mobilities Virtual Symposium, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

‘The temporary professional diaspora subjectivity and the transitional subject: exploring subject formation of transnational academics'

May. 2019

Postgraduate Annual Conference 2019, Centre for Education Studies (CES), University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

‘I’m like a snail carrying the entire house on me: a conceptual literature review of transnational academic and doctoral mobility’

Jun. 2018

Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference 2018, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

‘Using the five creative habits of mind to Improve Chinese adults’ English learning’ 

Academic Association Membership

2020- Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES)

2019- International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN)

2019- Society of Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

2018- Chinese Educational Research Association (CERA)

2018- Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities (NRCEM)

Academic service

Aug.2021-Teaching Assistant at STSS program

Nov.2020- Co-convenor of the Research Seminar Series in DES

Oct.2019-Oct.2020 Student representative in DES on the PGR SSLC

Twitter banner: @BingluAlice

Bing Lu (Alice)