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Bing Lu


I am currently a full-time PhD student in the Centre for Education Studies at University of Warwick. My research project, looking at how returned academics conduct doctoral supervision in their home countries, is supervised by Dr Emily Henderson and jointly by Dr Justine Mercer.

Prior to my doctoral study, I had worked as a teaching assistant in higher education in China, teaching a variety of subjects relevant to translation studies and theoretical linguistics to undergraduates. Years of working experience gave me useful insight on how to arrange and conduct teaching activities to Chinese adult students coming from different backgrounds, how to work with them effectively in class and beyond. On top of that, the teacher's role gave me opportunities to deeply understand the research and teaching culture of Chinese higher education from an insider's perspective. I once likened teaching to seed sowing, and now I am soaking the seeds in my hand before planting them into curious young minds.
Research Interest

I have a wide range of research interest in issues around higher education and global development. In particular, I have developed a passion for transnational academic/doctoral mobility and the global picture of doctoral supervision. Theoretically, I have been tremendously inspired by worldviews such as constructivism, interactionism and post-human theories including post-modernism, post-colonialism, neo-liberalism, just to name a few. Despite my limited understanding towards these big names as an early-career researcher, they are preparing me to read the world in revolutionary ways and to look at global mobility issues through a critical lens.

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Bing Lu