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ePortfolio of Anna Gonzalez Gil

I am a MIBTP PhD student at The University of Warwick, working in Professor Vardis Ntoukakis' lab in the School of Life Sciences on the role of chromatin remodeling in plant immunity.

I carried out my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at the University of Valencia, where I got an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship that allowed me to spend one academic year in Izmir (Turkey), studying at the Molecular Biology and Genetics department at Izmir Institute of Technology . After my Erasmus experience, I was able to spend my final year in Prof. Dr. Anne Frary's lab for my research project, based on fine mapping of salt tolerance traits in Solanum pennellii introgression lines.

After finishing my undergraduate studies, I got a full scholarship to study a MSc in Horticulture Genetics and Biotechnology (Cum Maxima Laude Distinction) at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, focusing my research on the role of Prolyl-4-hydroxylases in cell wall remodeling and flower abscission in tomato. For such purpose, we generated several RNA interference lines targeting P4H3 transcripts in order to study the phenotypic differences and the changes in gene expression of cell-wall related genes in the abscission zone and flower pedicels of the transgenic lines.

Currently, I am working on the role of Histone Acetyl Transferases in regulating growth and plant immunity as my main PhD project (see My Research).

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Anna Gonzalez Gil