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Serena Zanzu

I am a Research Fellow at the Warwick Business School, working on an ESRC/NPIF Postdoctoral Innovation project.

I completed my PhD in the Department of Sociology. I hold an MA in Sociology with distinction from the University of Warwick and a first class honours BSc in Social Sciences from Birkbeck.

My doctoral research examined the social dimensions of the soil microbiome across the realms of science, policy and farming. My fieldwork included interviews with scientists, policy experts and growers as well as an ethnographic exploration of a London-based workers’ cooperative. The project, fully funded by the ESRC, was supervised by Lynne Pettinger (Sociology) and Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies).


ESRC/NPIF Postdoctoral Innovation Fellowship Scoping Project, University of Warwick, 2021

Economic and Social Research Council Studentship, University of Warwick

Margaret Archer Prize, MA Dissertation 2015/16, Sociology Department, University of Warwick


‘When humans meet microbes: Exploring the interconnection of soil life’, Organiclea, London, 8 August 2018

‘The microbial life of soil at the intersection of science, policy and farming’, Doctoral Conference, University of Warwick, Department of Sociology, 5 June 2018


Zanzu, S. (forthcoming 2021) Geosocialities, flow and renewal in microbial rivers, Exchanges: The interdisciplinary research journal

Zanzu, S. (2019) Le dimensioni sociali della vita del suolo, A rivista anarchica, 432(2):52


British Society of Soil Science



Department of Sociology

Social Sciences Building, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, United Kingdom
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