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Our Courses


Our courses are designed to offer students the best preparation for their future success.

Before looking at which IFP course you might be interested in, we recommend thinking about which undergraduate degree you want to study, as this may make it easier to choose the best IFP course for you.

Students studying on the Warwick IFP will receive a guaranteed conditional offer for a relevant undergraduate degree at Warwick, when they submit an application via UCAS (students are supported with their UCAS applications during the IFP).

Arts and Humanities

The Arts and Humanities course will prepare students for a wide range of related undergraduate degrees, from History to Philosophy

Business Management

This course is the perfect preparation for an undergraduate degree in Management or International Management

Computer Science

The Computer Science course will offer a thorough preparation for Computer Science and related degrees including Data Science


For students who already know that they would like to study Economics for their undergraduate degree, this course is the best choice


This course looks at the principles of Engineering and prepares students for a wide range of Engineering-related degree programmes


This course is deisgned for students keen to study Accounting and Finance or related undergraduate degrees

Law and Politics

This course is for students looking to progress to Law-related degrees, such as Law and Business Studies, or Law and Social Science

Life Sciences

This course offers the preparation required to progress to degrees such as Biomedical Science and Biology

Mathematics and Statistics

This couse is designed for those with a high ability and great enthusiasm for Mathematics looking to study this at degree level.

Physical Sciences

This course is deisgned for students with a keen interest and strong ability in both Physics and Chemistry


For students who are really interested in further study in the field of Psychology or related subjects

Social Science

This course provides the preparation needed to progress to a wide range of degree programmes, from Sociology to Politics