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Dorsa (Iran) - Social Science Foundation course (2016/17)

Dorsa studied with us in 2016/17, and after completing the Warwick Foundation Programme in Social Sciences, she progressed on to the BA Philosophy course at Warwick.

Dorsa (Iran) - Social Science Foundation course (2016/17)
How have you found studying on the Warwick IFP?

It's been brilliant, I found a lot of support throughout the programme and I have improved a lot, and I have seen other people improve along the way. The programme gives you a broad knowlegde but also goes in depth into subjects that you will need in your undergraduate course.

What made you want to come to Warwick?

I was accepted into a good university in Iran, but I decided to come to Warwick because the knowledge you gain here in much higher. The environment here is the best thing, it is nice and peaceful. You feel safe because it is like being in a big family.

How did it feel moving to a new country?

It is so different, people in the UK are more polite and calm, everything so relaxed!

Do you know what you want to study at undergraduate level?

I want to study Philosophy at Warwick. I knew I wanted to study Philosophy, so I went and met with the Philosophy department and that's when I knew I wanted to study it at Warwick.

Is there any advice you would give to someone wanting to study the Warwick IFP?

The first couple of weeks can be difficult, but as soon as you get more confident in English and what you are learning, then you really enjoy your time studying. So don't panic and have fun!