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Gustavo (Mexico) - Science and Engineering Foundation course (2017/18)

Gustavo is from Mexico and studied with us on our Engineering programme in 2017/18. Gustavo has now progressed to study BSc Physics at Warwick.

Gustavo (Mexico) - Science and Engineering Foundation course (2017/18)
How are you finding the course?

I find the IFP even better than I thought it would be. I was expecting normal classes like high school, what I’m used to. But here it’s very different; our classes are not so stressful, and teachers are more accessible than back home in Mexico.

Back there it’s a little bit more strict. For example if we’re solving a problem the teachers tell us what procedure to follow. Here teachers are wide open; they let us even try different methods.

What are you hoping to do after the IFP?

When I finish I want to get into Physics here in Warwick because it’s a very beautiful university and has all the equipment I need for my degree.

Do you like the teachers?

I think the teachers are very approachable here. I knew my teachers in Mexico before, but not at the level we can know them here - it's very different.

Have you joined any societies at Warwick?

I'm aiming to get into the basketball society or something musical. I went to a fair but I haven’t decided what to join yet. Sometimes I have to stretch a bit with my time, but mostly I have enough time to do everything.

What has surprised you about the course?

I wasn’t expecting the personality of teachers. They’re really different but all very kind and most of the time they try to make us get into the subject and not only learn it but know the logic behind it as well.

What advice would you give to someone joining the IFP?

Don’t just focus on study, but also networking, and don’t worry about not knowing the culture. Be wide open to learning as much as you can. Express yourself.