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Jeremiah (Nigeria) - Engineering Foundation course (2019/20)

Jeremiah completed the Engineering Foundation course in 2020 and is now an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Warwick. Jeremiah is about to go on his placement year in industry, but we caught up with his quickly beforehand to hear about his journey to the International Foundation Programme and beyond. .

Jeremiah (Nigeria) - Engineering  Foundation course (2019/20)

After having such an amazing time at the IFP, I was excited to continuing my education at Warwick as I knew I’ll be obtaining the highest standards of education. Coming from Nigeria in 2019 was a bit quite daunting, especially as it was my first time encountering a different form of study and teaching. However, the IFP team was keen on ensuring we adequately grasped what was being taught- a reason why I chose the Warwick IFP in the first place. I also remember strongly looking out for diversity in the school I ended up in and Warwick easily checked that box; the nature of diversity in the university creates an avenue to foster learning and build strong and important relationships.

Being on the Warwick IFP engineering stream was a fitting introduction to the world of science, as the concepts taught where an avenue to properly understand the basics of engineering. I believe this introduction truly helped me in my transition to undergraduate as I was able to put my foot in clubs and societies that brewed on this knowledge. An accurate example will be my participation in Warwick Racing (the universities formula student team), where I was able to gather industry experience and most importantly apply concepts taught in classes on the project. From participation in this project, I was able to recognize my passions were not aligned with my pre-registered course (Mechanical engineering) but rather Electrical Electronics Engineering (EEE) and I moved courses as Warwick gives this opportunity till your second year in University. I am currently en route to my placement year at Ilmor Engineering Ltd, where I will be working as an Electrical and Electronics Intern for a year before returning to complete my final year.

Hopefully this short piece, will give you an idea of what Warwick education is like, and the various opportunities available for you during your time at the university.