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Qianyu - Business Studies and Economics Foundation course (2018/19)

Qianyu completed the Business Studies and Economics Foundation course in 2019 and is now studying BSc Management (Accounting and Finance) at the University of Manchester. Here she reflects on the International Foundation Programme.

Qianyu - Business Studies and Economics Foundation course (2018/19)

I decided to apply for Warwick IFP to prepare me to enter university degree study. Making my transition to UK education in a safe and welcoming environment was crucial for me, so I joined the Business and Economics programme in 2018 which is taught on the University of Warwick campus - with access to all the world-class facilities the campus has to offer.

Life at Warwick

I was a shy girl who was just turning 18, coming to England alone for the first time. It was so lucky for me to get all the support and help throughout the course. During the Welcome Week, my lovely tutor showed us the campus, including the library, which I loved the most, the Sports Centre and the teaching buildings.

Living on campus was full of excitement, like many IFP students, I was a fully-enrolled Warwick student and I lived in the university student residence with many undergraduate students, who were in their first year of university. It was the most wonderful year of my life that I will never forget, my roommates were so kind-hearted and encouraged me and supported me all the time. We made dinner together each Friday night, went to the Student Union’s club to have fun, studied until the late morning in the library, and celebrated everyone’s birthday during the year.

The Warwick campus is a perfect place to give a sense of belonging and security.

Studying on the Warwick IFP

The experience that I enjoyed the most on the Warwick IFP was the learning itself. I was obsessed with coming to the library on campus every single day when classes was over. Diving into the business research project and economics essay writing was fantastic, working on group presentation day and night with my lovely teammates was a wonderful memory for me. I enjoyed walking back from the library in the late night after a full day of study, accompanied by cute squirrels and little grey rabbits under the bright moon, with a peaceful mind, everything was so beautiful in silence.

The academic learning and English language teaching were quite intensive. I improved my presentation skills, group discussion confidence, essay writing ability, and research skills, which has continued to benefit me during my undergraduate degree study. I am currently in the 3rd year of my 4-year undergraduate study and would love to further my learning on finance and business management as a postgraduate student in the future.

I would definitely recommend applying for Warwick IFP if you want to pursue your dream university in the UK. The programme has more than 35 years of experience in supporting students to progress to top UK universities. There are various options for you to specialise in and the courses are very well-structured. Your personal tutor and course tutors are so supportive and helpful in ensuring your fantastic experience on the Warwick IFP.