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Do IFP students have the same opportunities as an undergraduate at Warwick?

Do IFP (International Foundation Programme) students have the same opportunities as an undergraduate at Warwick, and what can I expect in terms of the teaching?

The Warwick Foundation Programme follows the same academic calendar as the Warwick Undergraduate year with two additional weeks in vacations. Students will be fully enrolled as a University of Warwick student meaning they have access to all the University’s societies, clubs and facilities. Students will also be able to participate in all of the University’s Welcome Week activities.

In terms of teaching, students will have around 21 hours of scheduled contact time per week which is divided up as four hours per week of taught time per academic module. This is delivered through the form of lectures, seminars and tutorials as well as laboratory sessions for students studying our science courses.

The great thing about the foundation is that our courses are taught by subject specialists. Our lecturers are a mixture of full time Warwick IFP lecturers or they also lecture on the university’s undergraduate degree course.

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Answered by the International Foundation Programme Team
Answer published: June 2020. All answers given in good faith, responses may vary with time.

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