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Frequently Asked Questions


When should my child start the application process?

As the majority of undergraduate courses at Warwick are competitive, we recommend applying before the UCAS guaranteed consideration deadline, which is in January of the application year. Please see for the application deadlines.

What are the entry requirements applying from my country?

The International Team advise on the minimum entry requirements for all countries here. If you are unclear or need further advice, please get in touch with the Regional Team.

What are the English Language requirements?

The University requires evidence that your English Language capability is of a level that will enable you to succeed on your chosen course of undergraduate study. We therefore have English Language entry requirements based on minimum standards. There are a number of tests that students can take to meet the English requirements of the course. Further information can be found on our English Language Requirements webpages

Is there any advice on writing a personal statement?

All applicants applying to an undergraduate course via UCAS at the University of Warwick will need to write a personal statement to submit with their application. The Admissions Team have provided useful advice on writing the personal statement hereLink opens in a new window.

What is clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity for students without a place, or who are looking for an alternative place at a UK university, to find a place that becomes available. We recommend that you read the advice on in advance. Early clearing will also be available, for those students who receive their results early and have no offer at another UK university. This usually takes place at the start of July.

New Students

How are the fees paid?

All student fees are paid at the point of enrolment, and are made via Flywire. You can find further information on our Student Finance websiteLink opens in a new window

When does Enrolment begin?

All students will receive an email from the enrolment team 4-6 weeks before your course start date, or within a week of accepting your unconditional offer if this is later. Further information on enrolling at Warwick can be found at opens in a new window

What is Welcome to Warwick?

Our Welcome to Warwick is our new students Welcome Programme, which takes place immediately before the start of term. You can find further information on arrivals information, welcome programme and other guidance on our Welcome to Warwick website.Link opens in a new window

Are there airport transfers available for new starters?

You can find further information on the Arrivals information, including any transfers available on our Welcome to Warwick website.Link opens in a new window

Living at Warwick

What if my child suffers from culture shock?

Culture shock is completely normal, and the majority of students arriving in a new country will go through this. The University has a helpful guidance page,Link opens in a new window to advice students on things they can do. UKCISALink opens in a new window also has helpful guidance notes, providing advice.

Is studying in the UK safe?

By international standards, studying in the UK is a safe country with relatively low levels of violence and street crime. Coventry in fact, is voted in the top 10 of student cities in the UK in the QS Best Student Cities rankingLink opens in a new window. The British Council produce a Safety First guideLink opens in a new window to help students prepare for living in a new country.


Can we visit the University independently?

The University welcomes independent visits to the campus. We do ask for a minimum notice for visits, and you can let us know by completing this formLink opens in a new window.

Is there a virtual tour available?

We understand how important it is to visit and explore your future university before you apply. That’s why we have put together an online 360 degree virtual tourLink opens in a new window, for those unable to visit the campus in person.

Where can I find the term dates?

All term dates can be found on our webiste at