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United Arab Emirates

Our representatives in the United Arab Emirates, SI:UK StEPS and IDP Education can provide advice and guidance on applying to, and studying at the University of Warwick.

Saima Asghar Riaz and Zeeshan Riaz
Solutions to Enhance Professional Skills (StEPS)
Tel: +971503567080 (available on Whatsapp) Email: Website: www.stepsedu.orgLink opens in a new window
Facebook: StepsEdu.orgLink opens in a new window Instagram: stepsedu_orgLink opens in a new window

IDP Education Dubai - Office no 104, Century Plaza Building Jumeira Beach Road Jumeira, Dubai UAE
Tel: +971 4 344 6814 / Fax: +971 4 344 6817 Email:

IDP Education Abu Dhabi - Union National Bank Building 1802 Airport Road Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 622 8367 / Fax: +971 2 662 8369 Email: