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Service Level Agreement for International representatives

Our overseas offices’ representatives and network of local agents provide information, counselling, and guidance to highly motivated and academically excellent students seeking admission to the University of Warwick. All applications must be routed via UCAS (for Undergraduate programmes) or to the University directly (Postgraduate Taught or Research programmes). The authority to assess an application or to offer a place to an applicant rests only with the University of Warwick. No other organisation or individual has the authority to offer a place to study on a University of Warwick programme. If in any doubt, please contact the University directly. Note: Authority to issue a student visa rests solely with the UK Border Agency.

Service Level Agreement

1.1 The Representative shall procure and provide the services described in the Agreement and as set out below so as to;

1.1.1 seek to enhance the reputation of the University;

1.1.2 make such calls upon prospective students in the Territory as are reasonable for the purposes of promoting and marketing the Course;

1.1.3 liaise with prospective Sponsoring Organisations; including government bodies, ministries of health, ministries of education and higher education; with a view to securing their agreement to sponsor Applicants to Courses at the University of Warwick

1.1.4 advise the University on market demand for the Courses within the Territory

1.1.5 accurately represent the University to all stakeholders in the Territory, including Sponsoring Organisation, prospective students, and parents of prospective students

1.1.6 recommend appropriately qualified Applicants to apply for Courses at the University;

1.1.7 seek out suitable English language preparation programmes at the University for those Applicants which might require these;

1.1.8 notify the University of any educational or other developments in the Territory which might affect or otherwise be of interest to the University;

1.1.9 observe all reasonable directions and instructions given by the University in relation to the promotion and marketing of the Courses in the Territory;

1.1.10 keep adequate records of prospective students for the Courses in the Territory and provide to the University on request details of their names and compiles of correspondence with them;

1.1.11 in the event of any claim, complaint or dispute being made by or arising for an Applicant or a Student, in the Territory in respect of any of the Courses, notify the University (Promptly) in writing;

1.1.12 make itself available to the University for the purposes of consultation and advice relating to this Agreement and the Courses;

1.1.13 attend meetings with representatives of the University in the Territory and as may be necessary for the performance of the representative’s duties to the University under this Agreement; and

1.1.14 notify the University as soon as reasonably practicable of any prospective student who has ceased or indicated that s/he will cease to apply for admission to a Course to the University and any Student who, to the Representative’s knowledge, applied for admission to a higher education institution which is offering competing programmes at the University

1.2 During the Term the Representative shall render the following services to Applicants on behalf of the University;

1.2.1 advise and assist Applicant’s in completing application forms for programmes at the University and facilitate the successful submission of such applications to the University and to all such other acts and things as are necessary or required in order for such Applicant to receive an offer to study at the University (including, without limitation, interacting with the University);

1.2.2 adequately advise applicants on the rigorous demand of undertaking an academic programme at the University and the expectations of performance required of students when studying at the University;

1.2.3 give to all Applicants accurate and current information an material relating to the relevant courses and process as details in the relevant University’s guidance policies and other documentation;

1.2.4. pass on all enquiries from Applicants to the University’s International Office;

1.2.5 follow the relevant published policies which may include codes of practice relevant to international students published from time to time by, for example, the United Kingdom’s QAA, UCAS, Universities UK, the UK Council for International Student Affairs and the British Council;

1.2.6 appoint all necessary staff to ensure that the Representative can fully comply with its obligations to Applicants and Students and be responsible for all associated staff costs and expenses;

1.2.7 liaise, where appropriate, with British Council staff and foster good working relationships with them;

1.2.8 provide on-going advice to all Applicants about (1) their applications generally, (ii) about studying in the United Kingdom, (iii UK entry visa requirements (if applicable), (iv) studying with the University, and (v) the entry requirements for any particular course as outlined in the University’s relevant website pages or prospectus; and

1.2.9 act diligently and in good faith in all its dealings with the Applicant/Student.

Code of Good Practice and Ethics

This code of good practice and ethics defines a framework with respect to the acceptable behaviour of those working on behalf of the University of Warwick and the standards and guidelines that are to be strictly adhered to by all agents, representatives and intermediaries of the University in their dealings with internal and external stakeholders.

1.1 You agree, and you will procure that any agent or intermediary engaged by you, when working on behalf of the University, will at all times:

1.1.1 during the Term of the Agreement, you will conduct and manage your business in an open and transparent manner such that you can demonstrate to our satisfaction that your business (and that of any intermediary or associate) is being run and operated with processes and guidelines that ensure and can demonstrate to the University’s satisfaction a programme of compliance. The University is subject to and is required to evidence that it conducts its activities in a lawful and ethical manner and in accordance with the requirements of all applicable law and regulation including (without limitation) the Bribery Act 2010, or any replacement thereto, and any guidelines or requirements as may from time to time be issued by the University. As a condition of your appointment as a Representative you hereby authorise the University or a third party nominated by the University, to audit and inspect your records, with or without notice to monitor your compliance with the above;

1.1.2 you will provide the University upon demand a compliance statement confirming, measuring and detailing, to the satisfaction of the University the effectiveness of the systems and internal controls applied by your business and those of any intermediary or associate, acting by or on your behalf;

1.1.3 be familiar with the Bribery Act 2010 which can be found by visiting the link:

1.1.4 not commit, permit, allow, or condone the offence of bribing; or be involved in the bribery of a public official; or failing to prevent bribery;

1.1.5 warrant that each and every separate claim to the University for commission or reimbursement of expenses is accurate;

1.1.6 maintain accurate records of all counselled Applicants seeking guidance about applying and enrolling at the University;

1.1.7 not share Applicant Personal Data submitted to the University with any other organisation

1.1.8 safeguard and store Applicant Personal Data securely and hold such data only for so long as it may be reasonably required as per the obligations and Service Level Agreement detailed in this Agreement

1.1.9 provide or procure a high level of service to all enquirers and Applicants to the University;

1.1.10 at all times be polite, honest, and candid in interactions with enquirers and Applicants to the University.