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Student Profile: Ashley Wong

Course: Canada - Ashley Wong


Study Dates:

2018 - 2021

How did you find out about Warwick?

I learned about Warwick when I attended an event in Toronto. I met with the recruitment team there at the event and the program offered sparked my interest. I did some research on the university and looked in depth into the LLB program offered at Warwick.

How is the accommodation?

I lived in on-campus accommodation Rootes in my first year. It was convenient because it was right next to the SU and main campus, it would take me 3 mins to get to SU and learning grid. However, since it was so close to the SU it could be loud on Wednesday nights for POP and other SU held events.

Have you managed to travel at all during your studies?

During my first year, I travelled to Seville, Spain during break. I would also recommend the university-organised UK one day tours. It is affordable and convenient since it is all planned by Warwick. I also went on the Edinburgh tour and had a lot of fun and met lots of new friends whom I still keep in contact with till now. Since Warwick is near Birmingham airport it makes travelling a lot easier, it only takes one train from Coventry train station to get there. I would take a train to London occasionally for the weekend and meet up with friends!

Have you joined any clubs/societies?

I have founded the Warwick North American Society after noticing that there wasn't one on SU. I wish that future North American students will have a space to connect with others, and have a smooth transition into Warwick. We have hosted socials as an opportunity for members to meet new friends and have someone to go to for tips and advice. It offers a comfortable and accepting environment. Everyone can express themselves and hang out with their friends.