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eVisas information

The Home Office is changing the way in which individuals prove their immigration status in the UK. The new system will gradually replace physical documents such as BRPs and passports containing a vignette with a new digital immigration status known as ‘e-Visa’. This includes students who have already been granted a student visa with an expiry date later than 31 December 2024 but their BRP card expires on that date. An eVisa is a digital immigration status which provides proof of your visa and will allow organisations such as employers, landlords and universities, to check and verify your immigration status to assess your right to work, rent or study in the UK.

Online immigration status (eVisa): help video.

I have received an email asking me to create a UKVI account

Only students who have received an email from the Home Office asking them to create a UKVI account need to take action for now.

You may receive an email directly about this, or as the Home Office is contacting individuals using a last known contact email address, this email may go directly to your sponsor or legal representative depending on what information you provided with your Student application. It is important that you check your email (including your junk emails) or check with your institution, or legal representative to see if they have received an email on your behalf.

The e-Visa is completely free - be aware of scams if you have been asked to provide bank details or pay.

I have NOT received an email asking me to create a UKVI account

If you are not emailed during this notification process, all individuals with physical documents will be able to register for a UKVI account later in June 2024. You should not attempt to register for a UKVI account before you are invited to do so, or until later in June 2024 when this service will be available for all holders of a physical immigration document.

If you have a BRP which has been “short-dated” to 31 December 2024 even though your immigration permission goes beyond this date, you will also need to follow this process in order to prove your immigration status thereafter. Those who already have an eVisa will not be affected by this process.

Travelling with an ‘e-Visa’

Once your eVisa has been created it will be linked to your identity document.

If you are travelling outside the UK in 2024, please continue carrying your BRP card if you have one with you.

Before travelling: If you receive a new passport after applying or receiving your e-Visa, you must update your UK Visas & Immigration account with the new passport number before traveling.

When travelling to the UK for the first time using your eVisa, you must enter the UK after the visa start date listed on your status. If you enter before this date, you will likely need to leave the UK and come back again.

When you pass through UK immigration control, you will need to present your passport (and BRP card if you have one) to the Border Force officer.

Depending on your nationality, some students will have the choice of passing through the eGates instead of seeing an Immigration Officer. In this situation, it's important that you make sure your passport details are up to date.

How to create an UKVI Account

You will require a smartphone or a laptop with access to WiFi.

Video: how to create a UKVI Account to access your eVisaLink opens in a new window

What you will need.

You will need your BRP number or application number, this maybe called a UAN or start with GWF. Your application number was automatically created during the visa application process. A copy of it will have been sent to you by email or post. If you do not have any of this information, go to

You will need your identity document; this can be a passport or BRP card, your date of birth, email address, and mobile phone number.

Access to the UK Immigration ID Check app.

Step 1

Create an UKVI account – if you received an email with instructions to create an account, then follow instructions. Alternatively go to webpage.

Step 2

Fill in your details and click create account, a confirmation will be emailed, then you can sign in, confirm your identity by using the UK Immigration ID check app and follow the instructions. The app will ask you to take a picture of your BRP card or passport and also to take a picture of your face.

Step 3

Linking your account to your eVisa – to do this you will need to complete all the sections of the task list, then confirm you have read the declaration and submit, you will then receive an email when your eVisa is ready to view, in some cases it can take up to a few days. Once your eVisa has been created it will be linked to your identity document.


Once your eVisa has been created

Please use the View and Prove service to generate a share code and complete the Upload form. The Student Immigration and Compliance team will update your record.

If you require any further support and advice about the eVisa, please contact the Immigration team.