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Information for Warwick Students

We have created this page to outline some of the online resources that are available for information, guidance and support. This page includes content relevant to post-16 students, you can view digital resources for pre-16 students here. During this time our colleagues are still working and developing further content, and you can contact us by emailing


University of Warwick now has a channel on the brand new StudentStream service, which allows you to search, spot and stream videos from a range of universities. The videos include advice on choosing degrees, how to apply, and what it’s like to study our degree courses.

Why Warwick

Learn more about studying and living at the University of Warwick. Watch our Why Warwick video.

Length: 30 minutes


  • Introduction to Warwick
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Local area
  • Accommodation
  • Student life

More Why Warwick content:

Choosing a University: Why Warwick?

Making Competitive Applications

Learn more about applying to competitive universities and courses.

Applying through UCAS and Entry Requirements

Wanting a quick insight into university applications? Esther from the student recruitment team introduces the UCAS process and things to consider when looking at entry requirements.

Length: 10 minutes


  • What is UCAS?
  • Applying through UCAS
  • Entry Requirements
  • Types of offers
  • Firm/Insurance Choices

Writing your Personal Statement

Thinking about applying to university but not sure what to write in your personal statement? Stephen from our student recruitment team guides you through the process.

Length: 10 minutes


  • What is a personal statement?
  • What to include in a personal statement
  • Top tips on writing a personal statement
  • Insight from the admissions team
  • What you can be doing now

Making a Competitive Application Webinar

Watch the webinar below for a quick overview of applying to university and writing your personal statement.

Length: 15 minutes


  • Applying to university
  • Entry requirements
  • Personal statement
  • What you can be doing now

 More Making Competitive Applications content:

University of Warwick Open Day talks: Applying to Warwick
Personal Statement Video
What are the entry requirements for university?

    Choosing a University

    Hear advice and guidance from current Warwick students about the process of choosing where to study.

    Length: 5 minutes


    • Choosing a course/university
    • Entry Requirements
    • Accommodation
    • Social Life
    • Graduate prospects
    • Wellbeing

    Watch more Choosing a University Videos:

    What to do at a UCAS Fair?
    How to choose a university course?
    How important was social life to you when choosing a university?
    Choosing a University: Accommodation
    What is the difference from A-Levels to a degree?
    How to choose a university?
    How important was accommodation when choosing a university?

    Student Life

    Learn about what life at university has to offer from students at Warwick.

    Student Life: Warwick students share their experiences

    Length: 4 minutes


    • Teaching and Learning
    • Living on campus
    • Social Life
    • Opportunities at university

    Watch our 'Day in the Life' videos

    Explore student life through the lens of a current Warwick student.

    Length: 1.5 minutes each

    A Day in the Life of a Humanities Student
    A Day in the Life of a Social Sciences Student
    A Day in the Life of a Sciences Student

    University Study Skills

    Looking for resources focusing on study skills? Warwick's Careers and Skills team have a series of study skills videos which provide guidance on different study topics.

    Watch the study skills playlist, or find a topic that interests you:

    Time Management: how long will your task take Why critical thinking?
    Time Management: being realistic Critical Reading
    Prioritisation Critical Thinking: Go beyond mere description
    Seminars at university Revision Tips
    What is teaching like at the University of Warwick? Mind Maps
    English as a second language Understanding Essay Questions