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Independent students who are Estranged

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Young people who are estranged

The information on this webpage is for young people who are thinking of applying to Warwick as an Undergraduate student – or have an offer from the university – and are estranged from both of their parents. A definition of what this means is included below. If you are a care experienced student or are independent because you are a care leaver, there is more information about the support available to you on the following webpages:

Contact us

Emily Cannon

Widening Participation Lifecycle Officer


Emily Cannon

Support for Estranged Students at the University

Warwick offers a wide range of pastoral, academic and financial support for students who come to study here. We have a named contact at the University (Emily Cannon)for young people who are independent because they are estranged from their parents so that you have a single point of contact to help you with any questions or queries both before you get here and during your studies. Emily, and the Widening Participation Lifecycle Team, can offer one-to-one support throughout the various stages of applying and studying at Warwick:

  • Application stage – We can support you to navigate through the various stages of applying to Warwick and explain how you can share more information about your independent status.
  • Enrolment stage – We can signpost you to the support on offer across the University, including bespoke support for independent students who are estranged.
  • During your studies at Warwick – We can support you to thrive in your studies and make the most of your experience at the University.

Applying to Warwick as an Estranged Student in 2024?

Take a look at our handout for Independent Students who are Estranged:

And don’t worry, we will only share your information with those who need to know, and who you agree should be informed.

Read about the support available and find links to support networks in the tabs below.

Estranged students: An 'estranged student' is a young person under the age of 25 who is studying without the support and approval of both of their parents due to a breakdown in their relationship – this might be their birth, step or adoptive parents, and sometimes their wider family members. Students in this situation are able to apply to Student Finance England (or equivalent student finance bodies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) as ‘Independent and Estranged’. You could apply for student finance as an estranged student if:

  • You haven’t had any contact with both of your parents for 12 months or more; or
  • Your relationship with both of your parents has broken down within the last 12 months and you don’t expect this to change in the near future.

Students who are assessed and approved by Student Finance as ‘Independent & Estranged’ are eligible to receive additional University support. There is more information about how Student Finance bodies assess estranged students on the following webpages:

If you are a current student at Warwick and you think you are at risk of becoming estranged, or if you are an applicant and you are applying to Student Finance as an independent student for another reason (because you are bereaved, for example), please contact the Lifecycle Team at for further guidance and support.

If you are an independent student because you are estranged from your parents, we hope this information has been useful for you, but please email us at if you or your supporters have any questions.