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About the project

  • Experience Warwick Mentoring (previously called the Student Progression Team) places University of Warwick mentors into local schools to work with small groups of Year 8 and Year 9 pupils. Through a variety of interactive and engaging group sessions, mentors build a rapport with the pupils and support them to aim high and work hard to achieve their future goals.
  • With mentors acting as positive role models, Year 8s and 9s are encouraged to consider their skills, challenges, choices, goals and next steps through the sessions.
  • The achievements of all participants are celebrated throughout the project, with everyone invited to visit the University of Warwick at the end of the programme. The scheme is not subject specific, so suits a wide range of students.

This programme is currently being reviewed, but more information is included in the drop-down boxes below about how the programme has previously run. If you have any questions please contact



    Key Facts

    Key information for the programme is contained within this menu. Please open each section to find out more.

    The core aims of Experience Warwick Mentoring are:

    • To support the aspirations of young people and raise their expectations about what they can achieve in the future.
    • To encourage young people to think about their futures and support them to make informed choices.
    • To support young people to develop their confidence and resilience.
    • To provide a positive experience of higher education.

    We also work with schools to understand the specific needs of pupils so Mentors can tailor sessions appropriately.
    The key stages of Experience Warwick Mentoring are still being developed for academic year 2020/21. We will be in touch with eligible schools to update them about plans for the programme soon.

    Previous sessions run by Experience Warwick Mentors include:

    • Day in the life of a university student
    • Goal setting
    • Introduction to higher education
    • Study skills and managing your exams
    • Next steps
    We are currently reviewing the delivery of this programme for delivery. We will post updates about the recruitment process for Experience Warwick Mentors once we have completed this review.
      If you have any questions about the programme, please email


        Thanks to all the schools that took part in 2019/20!

        Barr's Hill School

        Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School

        Campion School

        Ernesford Grange Community Academy

        Finham Park 2

        Foxford Community School

        Harris C of E Academy

        Lyng Hall School

        Nicholas Chamberlaine School

        North Leamington School

        Sidney Stringer Academy

        Stoke Park School

        Trinity Catholic School

        Westwood Academy

        West Coventry Academy

        Whitley Academy