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Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future is a project that, through co-creation, aims to help 16-18-year-olds idenfity and showcase the skills they have gained during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hello, I am Inca!


Currently I am a psychology finalist, at the University of Warwick, who aspires to become an art psychotherapist. When hearing about this project I could not wait to get started! I think many people do not realise the skills they have as, to them, those skills may not be 'special' but, without those skills they would not be able to achieve what they have.


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Project Aims:

This project arose when it became apparent that young people were being branded the 'lost generation' due to the pandemic.

Our first aim was to hear from, and better understand, our target audience's (16-18-year-olds) current thoughts and feelings regarding the COVID pandemic, the skills they have gained during this time, and what would make them feel better supported for their futures. We accomplished this aim through disseminating an online survey to our target audience.

Our second aim, the next phase of the project, was to co-create resources and a Skills Showcase with 8-10 of the survey participants. This allowed the students to use and highlight the skills they gained/developed during the pandemic as well as learning new skills to support their future endeavours.

School project

Sixth form students on our access programmes took part in the project and filled in a survey to help us identify the skills they had gained during the pandemic.

The project lead, Inca, then compiled these into a set of resources to support these students as they prepare for their exams this summer and a group of students identified for phase 2 of the project tested and reviewed those resources.

Click on the picture on the right handside to watch the skills showcase and access the resources (4 minutes).

You can also download the project impact report here.