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Why University - Parents and the Community

 Warwick Bright Stars is an outreach programme for primary schools, through co-creation we have designed a informative resource about university for parents and the wider community.

Hi, I am Maya!

I am currently a final year psychology student at the University of Warwick , hoping to pursue a career in clinical psychology. This project was of particular interest to me as I believe it is important to strive to make access to education fair to all.

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Project Resource

Project Aims

Warwick Bright Stars is a programme within 'Widening Participation' at the University of Warwick. The aim of the programme is to raise awareness of university by providing primary schools information and support for students and those around them.

My Role

My role was ‘project lead’ and my task was to co-create an informative resource about the University. This resource took the form of a poster, co-created with teachers, and aimed at parents and teachers of primary school children in years four and above.

I undertook primary research to produce this resource, comprising a survey of communication distributed to local primary schools. Following this, I held focus groups with teachers to gain feedback and insight into what they thought would make the most effective resource.