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What can you expect when you're a Warwick Sutton Scholar?

What can students expect in Year 8? CNP2

Over the course of six months there will be five full day (10.00am – 3.00pm) sessions at the University held on a Saturday. Students will be assigned a project at the beginning of the programme and will be expected to work in small non-school groups to complete the task. Students will explore the theme of the project through taster lectures, workshops, debates and guest speakers. Students will have the opportunity to make lots of new friends and experiencing new things. Our aim is to support our students as they progress through years 8-9, helping to build upon their curiosity for learning and to develop the skills required for them to succeed at school and university.

What can students expect in Year 9?

The programme continues in Year 9 and sessions will continue on Saturdays at the University. Each session will cover a variety of subjects that will feed into a new project. The focus will be around Jobs of the Future and students will have the opportunity to think about career paths whilst developing their skills. The Year 9 programme has a strong focus on developing core academic skills, including writing, independent research, critical thinking and public speaking. The programme will end with a two day residential in the Easter holidays that will complement the work students have completed over the whole programme and students will be directed as to how to continue their academic journey.

What do our current students have to say about their experience as a Sutton Scholar..?

‘I think Warwick Sutton Scholars is probably the best thing that has happened to me. I love ALL the staff and I think it’s the best Saturday of my life!’

‘An amazing opportunity to meet new people and build up my confidence, can’t wait for next year!’

‘It went well, I learnt new things about political parties and made new friends. Everything is nice. I was able to be myself without being judged by other people.’

Really fun and an enjoyable time even though it’s on a Saturday. It is worth getting up early for. Good job guys! P.S. I wish I could do this is Year 10 as well.’