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Cohort 13 Local Heroes – Community Champions PodCast

North Oxfordshire Academy

10:00, Fri 11 May 2018

Chloe, Jacob, Tegan , Sean and Harley interview Rufus Brevett in their podcast. Rufus Brevett was a former Professional football player starting his career playing for Doncaster Rovers, he currently manages Hanworth Villa.

(MP3 format, 1.8 MB)


Barking Abbey School

09:38, Fri 11 May 2018

In this podcast Kayleigh, Waseem, Ella, Annika and Fayzan talk about their local hero from Barking and Dagenham: Dame Vera Lynn, and why she is an inspiration to them.

(MP3 format, 2.6 MB)


Sandwell Academy

09:33, Fri 11 May 2018

Mason from Birmingham discusses famous Brummies and local heroes; Lenny Henry who is known for his large amount of charity work with Charity Aid, Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame, and Ozzy Osborune. All of whom come from Mason's home town of Birmingham.

(MP3 format, 1.6 MB)


Whitley Academy

09:29, Fri 11 May 2018

In their podcast Justin, Jennifer, Spencer, Eleanor & Ashlee talk about their local heroes. They discuss Sian Healy, Miss Coventry and Warwickshire for 2017 who is an ant-bullying campaigner in their area. They also chat about Sir Frank Whittle, RAF officer ad inventor of the turbojet engine.

(MP3 format, 4.6 MB)


Burton Borough School

15:37, Thu 10 May 2018

Hannah, Holly, James, Jamie and Teagan from Newport talk about their local heroes. They talk about the life of Admiral John Benbow a distinguished naval officer, and his decalescent (also John Benbow) an explorer. They also discuss Clive of India who established the East India Trading company.

(MP3 format, 4.5 MB)


Robert Clack School

14:31, Wed 9 May 2018

Gloria, Rachel, Matthew and Muhammadou discuss their local heroes hailing from the Dagenham area.

(MP3 format, 2.7 MB)


Harris C of E Academy

14:29, Wed 9 May 2018

In their podcast Ben, Ed, Liam, Nicole and Sarah discuss Rugby Theatre, Rugby School and local hero William Webb Ellis, inventor of the game of Rugby.

(MP3 format, 985 KB)


Ormiston Rivers Academy

14:27, Wed 9 May 2018

Lizzie, Bethany, Katy, Luke and Taylor talk about: the Burnham Lifeboat Station, Burnham Fire Station, Olly Murs and Essex Air Ambulance.

(MP3 format, 2.4 MB)


Eastbury Community School

14:14, Wed 9 May 2018

Stefan, Mumtaj, Sanjeeda, Hanna and Aisha talk about Job Drain, Elizabeth Fry and Captain Cook, their local heroes of Barking and Dagenham.

(MP3 format, 3.9 MB)


Walney School

14:11, Wed 9 May 2018

In their podcast, William, Lauren and Reece will be talking about three different teachers from our school: Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs. Hubbard and why they think that they should be included due to their help for students and the wider community.

(MP3 format, 5.7 MB)


Littleover Community School

14:08, Wed 9 May 2018

Lucy and Georgia discuss Derby heroes Joseph Wright and Florence Nightingale, alongside more personal heroes to them from mental health services. They also discuss how they've helped and inspired them throughout their life.

(MP3 format, 2.4 MB)


Buxton Community School

14:01, Wed 9 May 2018

Harry, Scarlett, Rose and Chad talk about their local hero Scott Taylor. Scott Taylor was from Buxton, he joined the Marines and died from an explosion helping locals in Afghanistan.

(MP3 format, 2.8 MB)