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For applicants applying from China, Hong Kong or Macau

The University of Warwick has an office in Hong Kong where you can submit your documents for verification. Our colleagues will authenticate them and upload your documents to your application for the team here at Warwick to process. This is much quicker and less expensive than sending them to the UK. Students may submit by courier (sender paid) to our office address below. If you are taking Pre-Sessional English before your main Masters course, please include "PG PSE" at the top of the address label.

PG PSE(delete if not relevant)

University of Warwick (Hong Kong Office)

35/F, Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2525 4604

Please print and attach a copy of the offer email with the following information:

Warwick ID: (Compulsory)
Full Name: (in English)
Programme(s) of Study:

Returning your documents

We recommend applicants submit a certified true copy of their transcript/certificate (together with the official English translation if the documents are in Chinese) rather than the original copy to avoid loss in transit. If applicants want to arrange the return of their documents after they have been verified, please make sure the following information is included clearly in print format on a cover letter attached to the pack. If an applicant does not request the return of their documents they will be destroyed after processing in line with University of Warwick procedures.

Address邮寄地址():(in Chinese if address in China)
Postcode邮编():(valid for address in China)
Receiver收件人():(please provide a contact name for who will receive the documents)
Phone number联系电话():(please provide a contact telephone number)

If students choose this option, the courier company will collect the charge when they deliver the documents. The company that is used is SF Express ( They also have an online tracking system for students to check the delivery status.

For all enquiries regarding submitting documents to the Hong Kong office please contact our dedicated team by emailing Please make sure to include your Warwick ID and full name.