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Personal Development and Preparing for Study in the UK

The Summer School has been designed to include personal development sessions to enhance your skills and lots of experiences which will help you to prepare for studying in the UK. You should go away feeling more confident and more prepared having gained invaluable insights.

Personal Development

During the personal development sessions, students will focus on important skills such as effective listening, note making and research skills to enable them to get the most out of university learning experiences. The sessions will complement the academic learning so students will get an opportunity to apply some of the new knowledge that they have learnt in an interactive way. On the final day of the course, students will work in small teams to deliver a presentation to the wider group.

      Haneen Fared

        It's been a long time since the Warwick Pre-University programme and I have come a long way. I recently went to Harvard Model United Nations and learnt a lot, got to speak and share my thoughts. I'm doing a project with a UN- accredited NGO called 1M1B to build leaders! And, our prime focus is on underprivileged girls. We raised money for the education of underprivileged girls, mentored them and helped them carry out projects to solve problems in their own community, thereby making them leaders.
          I did not know I was capable of making a change, I didn't know I was capable of public speaking. I was wondering how I got here, and I could trace it all back to the summer programme. I learnt a lot in just those 2 weeks. It meant the world to me. Being a leader, giving speeches, thinking outside the box- Warwick taught me all this, whether it was in the form of lectures or presentations. And, I wanted to thank you for giving me that opportunity.
            Haneen Fared (India)

            Preparing to study at university

            We have designed our summer school so that you get a real feel for undergraduate student life during your time here. This will help you when you are applying for university but also when you start as you’ll have some prior experience of what to expect. There are many different aspects of university life which you will sample on our summer programme. Your academic course will give you a taste of undergraduate teaching at the University of Warwick; you will be taught by Warwick academic staff and be taught in our usual campus teaching spaces.

            You will live in University Halls of Residence giving you first-hand experience of that type of environment and campus living. There is the vast Warwick campus to explore and discover. In addition, you’ll spend lots of time with our Summer School ambassadors, who are existing Warwick students from a wide variety of degree programmes and will be able to give you a student insight into life at university and at Warwick. They know the campus and university inside-out so not only will they be able to tell you about their experiences but also show you as they’ll plan lots of activities across the campus and to make use of the facilities during your free time.

            Your summer school programme includes three practical sessions on 'Applying to University in the UK’ and how it all works, a ‘Personal Statement Workshop’ to help you understand what universities are looking for and how to make the most of your statement and a 'Career Planning' session to help you think about getting to where you want to be. These sessions include Q&As with current students.