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Promotion, Recognition & Reward

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Chairs: Jane Bryan, David Lees

WIE Team Link: Rachel Edwards

Members: Amy Stickels, Anne-Marie Broomhall, Christopher Strelluf, David Coates, Deepak Parashar, Elisabeth Blagrove, Georigiana Mihut, Ian Tuersley, Ilia Ryzhenko, Kerry Dobbins, Kerry Kirwan, Joshua Fullard, Leti Gramaglia, Martine Barons, Naomi de la Tour, Nicholas Jackson, Paul Blagburn, Sarah Richardson, Sarah Wilson, Stefania Paredes Fuentes, Tom Ritchie.

Achievements to date

The group meets regularly and has established a working link with the WIHEA Teaching Recognition & Reward learning circle to create a broader "Learning Sphere".

Our work to date has been focussed on the sourcing of examples of promotions case studies for those using Impact, Outreach and/or Engagement (IOE) work as part of their evidence. We have produced a review of this information and delivered our recommendations for an updated set of promotions criteria, used from the 2021/22 round. We have offered regular academic promotions workshops along with colleagues from WIHEA, featuring colleagues discussing their experience of promotions applications involving strong IOE elements.

Plans for future development

Moving forward our work will focus on the following areas:

  • Develop a strategy for recognition and reward for IOE activities for professional services staff;
  • Develop an academic promotions journal to support colleagues with their academic promotions applications;
  • Continue to run workshops on academic promotions;
  • Support colleagues with ad-hoc support with their promotions cases;
  • Work with colleagues across the institution to consider how IOE can be built into wider recognition schemes.