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Public Engagement and URSS

How public engagement features in the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

Public engagement features in URSS in two ways. If you choose to do a research project, you will be expected to incorporate an element of public engagement during or following your research. If you want to do more extensive public engagement, you can apply to do a full public engagement project instead of a research project. Follow the links below to learn more and read about examples from previous years.

Project types and support with planning your project

Find out the difference between:

  • URSS public engagement projects
  • URSS research projects with public engagement elements

Get advice and support with planning your project before application.

Examples of public engagement projects

Read about public engagement projects other students have done.

Examples of public engagement elements in research projects

Read about how other students have included public engagement in their research projects.

Resonate Roadshow

Read about the Resonate Roadshow, a public event where research project students put on activity stalls and posters for shoppers in Leamington Spa.

Public engagement information sessions for prospective 2024 applicants

These information sessions will cover:

  • The differences between URSS public engagement projects and URSS research projects. (Please note that you should check the Student Opportunity URSS webpages for information and workshops on research projects.)
  • What a URSS public engagement project could entail
  • Exploring public engagement ideas together
  • Next steps in the planning process
  • Useful contacts for advice or potential supervisors

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Find a supervisor for a public engagement project

Any member of staff could supervise a public engagement project (they don't need to be an academic). Here are some ways of finding a supervisor.