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Public Engagement Elements

On this webpage we are building up examples of ways URSS research project students have incorporated elements of public engagement into their work. Keep checking back here for new examples.

If you're interested in examples of full public engagement projects instead, click here. 

Social media

Read about how Arianwen Herbert used TikTok during URSS, and how she has continued her public engagement beyond URSS, with over 38,000 followers on Instagram.


Read about and look at previous URSS student Hannah Kahn's zine on mixed race identities in Britain.

Learn how to make your own zine in this resource on our Skills Festival.

Public events

Read about how students prepared engagement stalls for public events.


Read about and watch a documentary made by previous URSS student Xaymaca Awoyungbo asking 'How far should universities decolonise their curriculum?'.