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URSS project types


The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) enables undergraduate students - including finalists - to carry out a summer research or public engagement project over the summer vacation. It's a great opportunity to lead your own project. The URSS helps develop valuable transferable skills, try out real life research, enhance your CV and career prospects, as well as building your confidence.

Applicants must get the support of a supervisor and can apply for a URSS bursary to undertake a research or public engagement project, either in the UK or abroad, for between 6-10 weeks. Please check the main Student Opportunity URSS webpagesLink opens in a new window for the most up-to-date information on bursary amounts, eligibility and project length, as this may change from year to year.

There are two types of projects you can apply to undertake:

Regardless of which of the following pathways you choose, the application should be completed in conjunction with your supervisor by the deadline set on the main URSS webpages.

Public engagement project

I don't want to do a research project, I want to do a whole project on public engagement. What could I do?

Research project with a public engagement element

I want to do a research project but it says I have to include public engagement - what does that mean and what could I do?

Learn more about each project type and where to learn more about public engagement

What is public engagement?

Public engagement is about talking to people outside of the university about the work that goes on here. That could be something you've learnt on your course, or a piece of research you or someone in your department is working on or has already produced. The idea is to have a two way discussion with the people you choose to engage with, so you make space not only to tell them about the work you're an expert in - but also to give them a platform to share their responses, thoughts and perspectives.

Read more about what public engagement is. 

Further support and advice on public engagement

If you are a student or a supervisor looking for further advice or signposting to internal or external contacts regarding public engagement, please contact Helen Luckhurst at

Book onto an information session about public engagement projects:

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Support for research projects

This webpage is designed to give information and advice on public engagement within URSS, which is supported by the Warwick Institute of Engagement. For information on all other aspects of the URSS scheme, please visit the Student Opportunity URSS webpages and contact .