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Learning Circle 10: EUTOPIA Public Engagement Strategy Development

map of europe with countries connected by strings attached to pinsMembership

Chair: Mike Haymes, Honorary Fellow - Strategy Group and Kerry Kirwan, Honorary Fellow - Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

WIE Team Link: Michael Scott

Members: Alex Baker, Felicity Boardman, Kevin Moffat, Aruni Fonseka, Celine Nithila-George, Caroline Rushingwa, Elisabeth Blagrove, Ross Forman, Lazaros Andronis, Robin Titmarsh, Shirley Struzaker.

Achievements so far

Our Learning Circle has supported a EUTOPIA call for projects to join a ‘Knowledge Bazaar’, a virtual showcase to demonstrate both the world-leading research and the innovative approaches to public engagement that take place at Warwick. We’ve contributed to training sessions open to participants from across the EUTOPIA alliance, including a session aimed at early career researchers on identifying different audiences for public engagement and developing strategies to overcome them, delivered with the Institute of Advanced Studies. We’ve also worked with colleagues from the Library to develop a EUTOPIA workshop on Citizen Science and Co-Production. It’s been fantastic to connect with so many colleagues at Warwick and within the wider alliance.

Ambitions into 2022

We will build on and consolidate our work so far, working with researchers to contribute to the Knowledge Bazaar, with colleagues to assess where we can contribute to additional EUTOPIA events, and with our partners to discuss our approaches to public engagement more broadly. EUTOPIA gives us the opportunity to showcase good practice at Warwick, but also to learn from what others are doing and bring that back to campus.