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Learning Circle 14: STEM Grand Challenge


Chairs: Rachel Edwards, WIE Associate Academic Director, and Michael Scott, WIE Academic Director

WIE Team Link: James Brown

Members: Alex Baker, Ian Tuersley, Anthony Avery, Susie Carr, Saskia Bakker, Roberta Wooldridge Smith, Ian Hands-Portman, Sophie Staniszewska, Amanda Bishop, Ally Caldecote, Martine Barons, David Coates, James Poskett Gala Dalgety, plus representatives from the STEM GC central team.

Achievements January - July 2021

This learning circle has met 6 times, acting as STEM Grand Challenge Public Engagement workstream. We have commissioned two reports:

  • Penny Fidler was appointed to undertake research and market mapping to obtain an overview of the best UK and international engagement spaces
  • Steve Mills from Decision House has done a demographic mapping of the hyperlocal (within 45 minutes walk), local (20 minutes drive / 45 minutes public transport) and regional (45 minutes drive / 75 minutes public transport) areas.

Our Report for an International Hub of Excellence for Public Engagement in STEM was submitted in June 2021 to the STEM Grand Challenge Programme Executive Group. This has been approved and is now being submitted to University Council as part of the STEM Grand Challenge proposal and business case.

Ambitions into 2022

We are now moving forward to a detailed costing process with the project architects and we're working with the Development Office to have the STEM Grand Challenge Public Engagement proposal taken up as a Fundraising Project.