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Learning Circle 2: Developing the New Skills of Engagement

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Chair: Anthony Avery, Foundation Fellow - Warwick Events

WIE Team Link: Rachel Edwards

Members: Martine Barons, Rachel Edwards, Ian Hands-Portman, Mark Udall, Dave Harvey, Saskia Bakker, Anne-Marie Broomhall, Debbie Smith, Ross Forman, Deepak Parashar, Cansu Kuey, Elisabeth Blagrove, Rachael Kirwan, Susie Carr, Graeme Currie, Jo Clark, Laura Lammasniemi, Giulia Boggiano.

Achievements January - July 2021

Since we set up in the Spring of 2021 we’ve made huge progress as a Learning Circle. We’ve had four meetings to get to know one another and review our purpose. We’ve also led on ensuring there is a clear delineation of responsibility between ourselves and other learning circles where there may have been an overlap.

We have already started work to support colleagues to develop their engagement skills - feeding into the review of WIE training and production of materials for the WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window.

We’ve also supported Learning Circle 14’s work on the STEM Grand Challenge – contributing ideas about how the future of engagement should be accounted for in the production of new campus engagement spaces.

Finally we reimagined the purpose and direction of the WIE Networking Conference (formerly Public Engagement Network Conference).

Ambitions into 2022

Our focus for term 1 will be to continue development of the WIE Networking Conference to showcase new ways/ skills of Engagement. We’ll be supporting colleagues from across Warwick to make the most of the event and develop their engagement approach.

Following the conference we’ll also be reporting on our outcomes and the next steps for the LC and network conferences.

Catch up on the WIE Network Conference