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WIE Mentoring Scheme

The Warwick Institute of Engagement Mentoring Scheme

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  • Access guidance and resources
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The Warwick Institute of Engagement Mentoring Scheme

This scheme is designed to match those seeking to develop their engagement practice with colleagues who have relevant experience to share. Anyone can apply - including students at all levels and any staff member - including non academic members of staff.

You can fill in the application form at any point after that, but we'll only match mentors and mentees twice per year. Apply by Wednesday 1 November 2023 to be matched as part of our next cohort.

This scheme is focused around your engagement practice but still follows the principles of the wider University Mentoring SchemeLink opens in a new window. This wider scheme may also be of interest to you if you'd like mentoring to support you in your general career development goals.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring involves a more experienced person drawing on their skills, expertise, and wisdom to advise and guide a less experienced person to support their professional development - in this case relating to your engagement practice. By meeting one on one with someone who has experience of the type of public engagement activities you want to deliver, you can gain insights beyond the expertise you might pick up in other training events. Mentoring should be about developing a relationship between the mentor and the mentee over the course of several meetings. We'll pair you up for a year and suggest a minimum of four meetings over that time.

Sign up

We understand some people may be experts in some areas of engagement but want development in others. You are more than welcome to sign up to be both a mentor and a mentee - just fill out both forms.

Become a mentor

We're looking for experienced public engagers looking to share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues new to the field. We'll match you as closely with someone who's interested in the type of public engagement you have experience in based on your answers on the application form.

Apply to be mentored

Mentoring is a great way to develop your skills and confidence whilst you're getting started with public engagement, or trying out a new style of activity you're not familiar with. You can also speak to a mentor for conversations about getting funding for engagement or publishing engagement work.

Guidance for Mentoring

Once you have been matched with your mentor and/or mentee, we have put together a timeline, as well as some supporting documents which should help you get the most out of your mentoring experience.