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Engagement and your career

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  • How can public engagement benefit your career?
  • How to balance time for public engagement and your own wellbeing
  • How public engagement can be included in your academic promotions case
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Engagement and Academic Promotions

Engagement, Impact and Outreach have been recognised in Warwick's Academic Promotions criteria since the 2018/19 promotions cycle. The Promotion and Impact, Outreach and Engagement Review Learning Circle was commissioned by the Provost to revisit and update examples of evidence for Impact, Outreach and Engagement (I, O, E) cited in the University’s Promotions Criteria. This wider set of examples has now been incorporated since the 21-22 Academic Promotions CriteriaLink opens in a new window.

We've worked with the Learning Circle and other colleagues to put together the following resources to help you in developing your promotions case.

Developing your promotions application 

Promotion and Impact, Outreach and Engagement Review Learning Circle

Our promotions learning circle runs annual support sessions for colleagues to help them with the Impact, Outreach and Engagement part of their application. They run one for those looking to apply for senior teaching fellow/ senior research fellow/ associate professor, and one for those looking to apply for Professor/ Research. You can watch back the recording from the 2022 sessions in this section.

Supporting your Promotion case 

Promotion and Impact, Outreach and Engagement Review Learning Circle

Explore this Padlet of authentic examples of successful promotion cases, grouped under the following headings:

  • Knowledge exchange/enterprise
  • Outreach/inclusion
  • Contributions to professional/scholarly bodies/third sector
  • Community engagement
  • Public engagement with research
  • Engagement related awards and recognition

Managing your wellbeing 

Linda Sherwin, University of Warwick Wellbeing Advisor

What steps can you take to look after yourself when making time for engagement work? This session was part of the 2022 WIE Network Conference organised by our Develop the New Skills of Engagement Learning CircleLink opens in a new window.

Promotions Stories 

We're incredibly proud to share these stories from colleagues who've been successful in their promotions applications, particularly using their Impact, Outreach and Engagement work to support their work.

Have you got a promotions story to share?

If you've applied for a promotion since 2018 and have been able to used your engagement practice to support your case we'd like to hear from you. You can submit your story via this online form, or email us