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Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines - University of Warwick

The University of Warwick brand guidelines

Our brand guidelines are here to ensure that all our communications reflect and reinforce our identity.   

Please note that the brand strategy (narrative, positioning, tagline etc.) are currently under development, and a new version of the brand guidelines document will be uploaded to include this information once it has been confirmed.


The University of Warwick logo printed on a wall



On this page, you'll find information about our master logo, including how to use it in different colourways, how it should be positioned and how to display it alongside a partner logo. 

We also have our Crest, which is only to be used in specific circumstances to preserve our heritage and its importance to our brand.





Our brand colours have been refined to create a more unified palette and better digital accessibility. 

Here you will find our full colour palette, detailing our primary brand colour with secondary and tertiary colours offering bright and dark accents. 





Using consistent fonts helps ensure that all our communications are clear and accessible, and clearly recognisable as coming from The University of Warwick. 

Learn more about the fonts we use to represent our brand across print, online and in Office applications here.  




Brand codes

A brand code is a distinct style or asset unique to a brand. Here, you will find our six designated brand codes which you can use to help distinguish our brand and strengthen the recognition of the University in your communications. 



Our people and community are at the heart of everything we do, and this is also reflected in our imagery.  

In this section, you will find guidance on the photography styles we employ to communicate our brand as well as links to our image library (Asset Bank) and consent forms.



Our videography guidelines are here to help you create quality videos in line with our brand.

In this section, you can learn more about how to apply our branded video idents, rules for the lower third’ and more videography techniques.


Our name

We aim to be consistent in the way we refer to ourselves in our communications. Find out how to use The University of Warwick name consistently throughout your writing. 


Social media

Appropriate use of our institutional social media channels can help to elevate our online reputation, reinforce our strategy and further highlight our excellence, quality and prestige. Find information here on how to apply our brand when using social media channels.



Our brand is used on a variety of official merchandise – from hoodies to gift items to sporting goods – and is seen and used not only on campus but across the world.

Here, you can find out how to use our brand assets when creating merchandise to help uphold our brand integrity.


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